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Each engaging episode of Fixing Paco educates dialysis patients and their families about the treatment option of kidney transplantation, living donation, and being proactive in healthcare. Videos from the Fixing Paco: Changing Lives series supplement the episodes. These videos feature expert input from physicians and mental health professionals on kidney disease prevention, providing vital educational information to help raise awareness and empower positive choices.

Episode 1

“El Mil Usos”
Paco Fuentes, a busy handyman, husband and father suffering from end-stage renal disease and on dialysis, is ready to learn about what’s involved in kidney transplantation.

Episode 2

“Dreamy Dialysis Technician”
To find out if transplantation is an option, Paco and his family visit his doctor at the dialysis center; and later meet Claudia, a transplant coordinator who explains the role of the transplant team and the reality of what Paco can expect.

Episode 3

“Do As I Say, Not As Tia Julia Does”
With his energy low and barely able to work, Paco and his family meet with a transplant surgeon to begin the medical evaluation and transplant process, while Tia Julia continues to be a bad example, by not being compliant and proactive with her health.

Episode 4

“I'm Broken, So You Fix Me”
Paco begins the medical evaluation process to determine his eligibility for a kidney transplant; he learns how long the wait can be for a deceased donor kidney; and is reminded of how important it is to stay proactive with his health while he waits.

Episode 5

"Dad, I Want To Give You My Kidney"
Paco and his family are elated that he’s eligible for a transplant, but the reality of how long Paco might have to wait for a deceased donor kidney makes his family decide to explore living donation in hope of “fixing” him more quickly.

Episode 6

“How Daisy Got Her Backbone Back”
Paco’s family begins their own medical evaluation process to find out if any of them are a suitable match and can donate a kidney to him, while Daisy has had it with Tia Julia’s lack of compliance.

Episode 7

Margie works with Paco to learn about transplantation and dialysis, while Paco’s family and friends try to help him through his ups and downs with their support and encouragement for staying healthy until his transplant.

Episode 8

“I'm Ready To Fix You”
As the big day arrives for Daniel’s living donation to Paco, everyone in the family is nervous but excited, and Paco realizes the big responsibility he’ll have to take on as transplant recipient.

Episode 9

“Now I Need Therapy, And You're Coming With Me”
Paco’s transplant was a great success, but the depression he’s feeling from the side-effects of his medication leads Carmencita to give Paco a push to reach out for help, and he finds an unexpected ally in Tia Julia, who’s ready to make a change.

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